Vibrating Feeder and Grizzly Scalper

Vibrating Feeder and Grizzly Scalper

Dumping hopper with feeder to meter material onto Grizzly

Scalping fines from recycled metal parts

Heavy duty carbon steel construction

Fan Replacement


Fan Replacement Before and After

Same fan performance with less horsepower

Less maintenance with Direct drive over V-belt drive

Plug-in-play installation

Inline Centrifugal Sifter

Inline Centrifugal Sifter: Before and After



System Justification and Benefits:

Less cumbersome screen inspection

Uses robust wedge-wire screen in lieu of woven-wire screen for more durability and longevity

Complete stainless-steel construction

Adding Magnet to Conveying Line

Magnet Installation: Before and After








Installed 12″ diameter Exposed Pole Rare Earth Magnet to conveying line for tramp metal protection before material handling fan



Industrial Separator

Screener Sorting Material

Pre-tensioned screen panels

Side access doors with toolless cams

Tail end discharge chute

Gyratory reciprocating motion

Silo Replacement

Bolted Chime-panel Tank

Turnkey installation

Stainless Steel bottom ring

Trico Bond EP Modified Epoxy Powder Coating with Performance Urethane Exterior Top Coat

Bulk Bag Unloader with Gravimetric Feeder

Bulk bag Unloader

Motorized Trolley Electric Hoist

Bag Agitation

Gravimetric Feeder

External Paddle Agitation

Independent Helix Motor

Intrinsic Barrier Package

Solimar Pads for Hopper Discharge

Hopper Solimar Pads

Blue Silicone Disc Solimar Pads

Pre-piped Air Pad Control Assembly

316L Stainless Steel Hopper

Paddle-Style Bulk Batch Mixer

Stainless Steel Paddle Mixer

304 Stainless Steel Mixer with Cooling Jacket rated at 100 PSI

Cinch Seal Air Purge Seals

Shaft Mounted Gear Reducer

Fully Automatic Bag Palletizer System with Bag Flattener

Fully Automatic Bag Palletizer System-Model 1500A w/ Bag Flattener

Empty Pallet Dispenser with 20 Pallet Capacity Magazine

Continuous Motion Bag Turning

Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Pallet Handling