Bag Filling

Auger Packer

An Auger Packer uses an auger feeder to fill a valve bag. This is a gross weigh system with the mechanical or electronic scale weighing both the bag and the material. An Auger Packer is typically used for powders or granules and can incorporate an agitator in the surge hopper to aid in material flow. An auger Packer can fill 4-6 bags per minute at +/-1/2% accuracy.

Air Packer

air packer to fill valve bags with powder and granulesAn Air Packer uses pressurized air to fluidize and pump powders and granules into a valve bag measuring the weight with a mechanical or electronic scale. Using a system of air valves and a material flow pinch valve, this machine can fill 6-8 bags per minute at +/-1/2% accuracy. Typical applications are seeds, grains, flours, chemicals, sands, cements and cement blends.

Impeller Packer

impeller packer fills valve bags without dustAn Impeller Packer has a similar bagging rate of an air packer but without the excess airflow to create any dust. It utilizes an internal impeller to propel and pump the powders into a valve bag. Using either a mechanical or electronic scale, it typically handles heavy bulk density powders such as cement, sand grout mixes or pulverized gypsum. Multiple units can be arranged in a bank for high capacity operations.

Belt Feeder

A Belt Feeder packaging machine uses a belt to meter the material into an open mouth bag using a mechanical or electronic load cell arrangement. A Belt Feeder can meter into a net weigh or gross weigh packaging system. They also can be used to fill boxes or drums. Typical materials would include bulky-bridging products, soils, mulch, compost, decorative rocks or refractory mixes.

Open Mouth Auger Bag Packer

open mouth auger bag packerAn Open Mouth Auger Packer uses the same auger arrangement as a Auger Valve Packer except that it feeds into an open mouth bag attachment. This system provides an accurate way to meter the material into an open mouth bag, pail, drum or small tote. The bag chair can also accommodate a roller conveyor platform for these other types of containers. This gross weigh system uses mechanical or electronic scaling systems. Typical materials would include powders, granules, bakery flowers and blends, spice blends, dairy powders, chemicals, plastic resins and feed supplements.

Vibratory Feeder Packer

The Vibratory Feeder Packer uses in electromagnetic vibrating feeder to meter material out of the surge hopper into an open mouth bag using a mechanical or electronic load cell system. The vibratory feeder offers advantages to meter granules, chunks, irregular shapes, pellets, minerals, and animal feed and hay cubes. There is no mechanical moving parts in the material flow which avoids jamming and bridging of any products.


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