Bulk Bag Filling

Filling Station

Filling bulk bags can range from a very simple bulk bag filling stand to a sophisticated high-capacity bulk bag filling system. It is a building block approach to determine the level of sophistication and complexity required to achieve the packaging requirements. Typical bulk bag stands have an inflatable bag seal to form an airtight seal between the fill chute and the bulk bag. The bulk bag straps are attached to the frame with simple hooks or pneumatic release clamps. The stand can be manually or mechanically adjustable for different height bags. Once the bag is connected to the fill spout, it can be inflated to pre-inflate the liner so the material can easily fill throughout the bag. The bulk bag stand can incorporate a vibrating deck so that bulk bag can settle or consolidate the material in the bag. Bulk bag frames can be outfitted with Gaylord box or drum filling capabilities.

Pallet Destacking

As part of an automated bulk bag filling system, pallets can be automatically fed into the in feed of a bulk bag filling system. As part of the system, a slip sheet dispenser can be integrated into the system to prepare for the filled bulk bag.

Roller Conveyors

Powered roller conveyors that are used to convey discrete materials can be incorporated into an automated bulk bag filling system. These conveyors can convey the empty pallet into the bulk bag filler, and can also be used to take away the filled bulk bags. These conveyor systems can incorporate conveyor turntables to negotiate turns around any plant constraints..


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