Palletizers & Bag Placing

Robotic Palletizers

Robotic palletizing offers bag palletizing flexibility like never before. Using robots specifically designed for palletizing allows the plant operators to make most changes with a simple teaching pendant. Robots are available in multiple sizes to pallet low rate packaging systems up to rates of 22 bags per minute. Robotic palletizers can perform the simple task of placing a bag on a pallet on the floor, to stacking bags from two packaging lines onto two separate pallets. The robot offers a production improvement over the ergonomic challenges of bag pallet stacking by workers.

Conventional Palletizers

A conventional bag palletizer utilizes a set of components to configure and automatically stack bags onto a pallet. This is a very mechanical system and is quite reliable, but is limited to packaging one type of bag at a time. Though the robot has replaced many applications for a conventional palletizer, this is usually on the low production side of the business. Above 22 bags per minute, and up to about 40 bags per minute, the conventional palletizer is still truly the only means to palletize that number of bags automatically.

Automated Systems

Automated systems are required for most bag palletizing systems. Robot always requires a pallet to be ready and a place, and for the filled pallet having a place to go when the bag filling line is in operation. As a result, pallet destacking equipment and slip sheet dispensers are required. Pallet in feed conveyors and filled pallet take away conveyors are required to allow time for the filled pallet to be moved to a storage area. Automated systems are typically driven by PLC control systems with all the devices, such as optical sensors and motor starters, along with operating the system and providing alarm notification.

Bag Placers

Bag placing is available on both open mouth and valve bag systems. Mechanical systems are used to feed open mouth bags onto an open mouth filling spout, feeding off of a bag magazine conveyor.

Valve bag placers can be mechanical or robotic. The most economic approach is a mechanical placer for a one spout machine. On multiple valve bag filling systems, a mechanical or robotic placer can be used. Each system feeds the valve bags from a bag magazine conveyor.


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