PLC and PC based Controls

Control systems range from simple to very complex. We can provide structured, fully documented state-logic programming style control systems that make modifications and troubleshooting easy. A well-designed control system increases production efficiency. By fine-tuning sequencing, timing and other parameters, we build in the extra measure of productivity that turns into extra profits. Using in-house programmers and panel builders, we can provide PLC control systems with HMI, MCC and networking capability. At a higher level, we can provide supervisory software to incorporate our system into your larger plant-based operations.

Batching Systems

Controlling batching systems is a fundamental function of a control system. We can feed major, minor and micro-ingredients, control process functionality, incorporate statistical process control and provide output for data acquisition. In manual operations our HMI can lead the operator through the sequence to know how much materias to add to a batch, and when to add it. Using the load cells system, we can verify the amount was added, and provide documentation of all the batched ingredients.


It is one thing to have a properly functioning control system, but without a source of documentation, modifications and troubleshooting become problematic. Our control systems come complete with an operations manual describing in detail how the system works, how to run it, how to execute system functions and what you should see on the HMI or PC screen. The PLC code is fully documented, complete with wiring diagram schematics for panels and field connections. You get the manual, programs and CAD files all on CD. Altogether, you have everything you need to manage and maintain your system.

Long-term support

Upon installation, we provide field service technicians and engineers to initially set up the system and to make the system operational. Once the plant is operating the system, we offer long-term support through phone support, ethernet communications, or on-site service.


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