Airfoil Centrifugal Fan

The airfoil centrifugal fan is designed to move high volumes of clean air at low to medium static pressures. The airfoil fan blades are backwardly inclined and designed with the same aerodynamics that create flight, making this fan one of the most efficient centrifugal fans. This means less horsepower, lower sound levels and lower energy costs. The airfoil centrifugal fan is available in multiple sizes, arrangements, construction classes and materials of construction.

Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan

The backward curved centrifugal fan is designed to handle high air volumes at high static pressures. Used to move mostly clean air, this fan can be used as a forced draft or induced draft fan for a wide range of industrial applications. This fan can generate air volumes up to 300,000 CFM with static pressures up to 40” Wg., and up to temperatures of 1000°F.

Backward Inclined Centrifugal Fans

The backward inclined centrifugal fan is used for clean air applications to move high volumes of air at a variety of static pressures, such as in dust collection systems. This centrifugal fan is offered in belt driven, direct driven and direct coupled arrangements along with various impeller and housing widths. The backward inclined centrifugal fan is a highly efficient model offering lower sound levels and energy costs than most other fan types. These fans can handle up to 350,000 CFM at static pressures up to 25” Wg., and temperatures up to 1000°F.

High Pressure Radial Fan

The high pressure radial open industrial blower is designed for low to medium air volumes at high static pressures. With its surgeless design, this high-pressure fan provides consistent performance through variable airflow at or near a constant pressure. This fan has both open and shrouded rotors, with both standard and wider wheel designs available depending on the air volume and pressure combinations.

Industrial Exhauster

The industrial exhauster functions in a clean air and light dust loading applications with various wheel configurations. Using a backwardly inclined wheel, the fan can handle higher air volumes with higher static pressure requirements. Using a radial blade design, this fan can move heavy, sticky and abrasive materials through the airstream without compromising the integrity of the wheel. Variations of this fan are used for trim handling applications, handling edge trim materials such as paper, cardboard and various metals and plastics. With a shrouded radial fan impeller, this fan can handle process air that is particle laden, and ideal for application in mineral processing, especially using abrasion resistant or wear resistant plates to extend impeller life. This fan can produce air volumes up to 80,000 CFM and static pressures of 45”Wg., And at temperatures up to 1200°F.

Radial Tipped Fan

The heavy duty radial tipped fan is designed to move high volumes at moderate to high pressures, and are able to both handle clean and dirty airstreams. The centrifugal radial tipped fan provides consistent, reliable service with oxidizers, dryers, bag houses, scrubbers, heat exchangers and other industrial equipment in the dust collection, power boiler, waste incineration, odor control, paper and pulp and other process industries


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