Shop fabricated fully welded silos is an economical way to store dry bulk solids. From diameters of 6’ to 15’and heights up to 85 feet tall, the silos are fabricated, coated with interior and exterior paint coatings, and shipped as one piece to your facility. The silos can have specialized hoppers for mass or funnel flow, can include ladders, handrails, explosion vent panels, weak seam decks for explosion relief, and pressure vacuum relief vents. These units can be manufactured from carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel.


When storing very large quantities of dry bulk solids, a bolted silo offers an economic alternative. From diameters of 9’ to 47’, the silos can be constructed up to 200’ tall. The silos utilize a proprietary epoxy powder coating for the interior surfaces, which provides excellent corrosion resistance and immersion performance, as well as outstanding flow, impact and abrasion resistant properties. The exterior coating includes a primer for corrosion resistance and a performance urethane topcoat for long-lasting color retention. The silos can include stairways, ladders, sloped decks, and even geodesic dome tops

Silo Structural Support

Silos offer a unique and distinct structural support advantage. The natural cylinder can be extended to the ground to support the silo. This is called a skirted silo and offers an enclosed base to provide weather protection for internal equipment. An alternative to skirted silos uses structural steel supports. This can be legs extended down from a welded silo or sitting the silo on a structural steel base.

Loadout Silo

Truck or railcar loadout systems can be accommodated by installing the silo over top of the road or track. With shop welded silos, typically a structural steel base is supplied to span over the road or truck scale. The short skirted silo would install on the structure. When using field bolted silos, we can accommodate the opening for a truck or railcar to pass through the skirt of the silo. Internally in the skirt, we can provide a mezzanine platform for access to the loadout equipment. The advantage of this system is the loading area is completely enclosed and out of the weather.

Pre-assembled Silo

At our shop welded silo facility, we offer the service of installing customer supplied equipment inside the skirt of the silo complete with mechanical fitting and electrical wiring. This offers a huge cost and time savings when installing the silo at a job site.


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